André Shepherd

André Shepherd

Reaction To Asylum Decision

André Shepherd states his position

(07.04.2011) Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for coming today. As you all have heard by now, the quest for asylum protection in the Federal Republic of Germany has taken a new twist. Although I am very disappointed to receive a negative decision from the Federal Office, I must admit that the response was not unexpected given the political climate that we live in. I want to thank the German Government for their hospitality in the last years. However I must exercise my right of freedom of speech and declare my skepticism and complete disagreement with the ruling. I believe that they are wrong in their assessments that there is not enough evidence to prove the illegality of the War in Iraq and despite the secrecy of the American Air War there was enough supporting evidence to prove that the American War Machine was not in Iraq for “humanitarian purposes.” I also feel it preposterous to assume that the American “justice” system is anything but fair to anyone who truly enjoys being free, and has the courage to use their God-given right to say no; even to the most powerful nation in the world.

Naturally we will continue with this process, and we will do it for two very important reasons: First, I do not want to look over my shoulder the rest of my life wondering if I will be taken away for the “crime” of standing up to my government. I still maintain that I and the other military war resisters should not be persecuted, and we should be aggressively pursuing criminal charges to those that deserve it (i.e., the instigators and continual perpetrators of the current Wars against Humanity) instead of putting independent minded young men and women in prison under torturous conditions(e.g., Bradley Manning)

The second reason is one that really should not have be stated, but in light of the circumstances, it is worth repeating. Just look at all the wars that America has waged in the last ten years. How many people have died, lost loved ones, and had their lives ruined simply because of the lies coming out of Washington D.C.? How many soldiers are living on the run, left their homeland entirely or have been persecuted by the so-called leader of the “free world?” How many more countries is my homeland planning to invade chasing phantom threats? How long are we going to let this madness continue? If we as human beings do not stand together for what’s right and SOON, we might not have a tomorrow to debate about it. This case probably will not stop the American Imperialism, but it can be yet another step in the right direction to bring an end to the nightmare that is unfolding on the world. We must continue in order to restore justice in the world.

André Shepherd: Reaction to Asylum Decision. April 7, 2011

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