Rudi Friedrich

Rudi Friedrich

Th., 7.12., 7 pm: Webinar on Conscientious Objection in the Situation of War in Ukraine

Th., 7 December 2023, 7 pm

The war in Ukraine mobilised a large number of men in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Not all men want to fight this war, though. Several reasons lie at the basis of this war resistance. A common reason is the objection by conscience, which is upheld as a human right in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but also in many constitutions, among which those of the countries that are now at war.

How can people assume this right to conscientious objection in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine? What are the possibilities in these countries? During the event we will listen to the stories of Danil and Vladimir, who left Russia as refugees for military draft, and Olga from Belarus who co-ordinates human rights organization Our House. Alexia of the European Bureau of Conscientious Objection gives an overview of the situation in Ukraine.

How is the European position on people who flee to our countries to ask for international protection? Refugees are confronted with different reactions: for some they are traitors, for other they are potential spies. These frames define the current policy of the European Union: there is no consensus. Conscientious objectors or war resisters find themselves in limbo: they are persecuted in their home countries and not welcomed in the member states of the European Union.

How is it possible that people who do not want to fight and kill others, encounter obstacles to find a safe place in Europe? Shouldn’t we help people who do not want to join the Russian or Belarussian army? And what can we do for Ukrainians who refuse to take up arms?

We’ve invited politicians from European and Belgian level to shed a light on how to protect people that object war.


19h00 – check-in on Zoom

19h05 – introduction by the peace movement (Vrede, Quakers and Pax Christi)

19h15 – testimonies by Danil and Vladimir (Russia)

19h30 – testimony of Olga Karach, Our House (Belarus)

19h40 – Alexia, EBCO: situation in Ukraine and position on war resisters in Europe

20h00 – reflections by Els Van Hoof (CD&V, member of Belgian federal parliament) and a member of European Parliament

20h20 – Questions audience

20h30 - conclusion

The webinar will be in English language.


You can register it for free, but registration is necessary in order to receive Zoom link . Please register through the followin form: this link

An initiative by the Quakers in Belgium and Luxembourg, Vrede vzw and Pax Christi Vlaanderen, with support of EBCO.

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