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Turkey: Conscientious Objection Bulletin

March - April 2021

Uploaded 17.06.2021

(12.05.2021) In the third issue of the Conscientious Objection Bulletin, you may find informations about the applications that we’ve received in March and April of 2021, the two-month up-to-date information on the violations of rights experienced by conscientious objectors, up-to-date information on the legal cases followed by VR-DER (Conscientious Objection Association), and the conscientious objection declarations made in March and in April.

If you want to get information about the monitoring work carried out by VRDER, you can contact us on our website and social media accounts.

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Association for Conscientious Objection

Turkey: Association for Conscientious Objection

Uploaded 13.06.2021

(15.05.2021) The conscientious objection association, Vicdani Ret Derneği, was founded in İstanbul in 2013. Since then, the association has been active in bringing together conscientious objectors from all over Turkey and organizing meetings and seminars. It regularly organizes public actions and thus offers new conscientious objectors the opportunity to make their refusal public.

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Booklet Conscientious Objection in Turkey, 2021

Uploaded 13.06.2021

(15.05.2021) Connection e.V., War Resisters International and Union Pacifiste de France

Artikel 4 of German constitution on a wall at German Bundestag

How is it to be a conscientious objector from Turkey in Europe?

Uploaded 11.06.2021

(15.05.2021) My name is Beran Mehmet İşçi. I am from Turkey and of Kurdish origin (Zaza1). I am a conscientious objector, author and poet. In November 2018, I declared my conscientious objection in Turkey. Due to the situation there, I had to hide for a while. But there was always the question of how I could continue my life. Seeing no other option, I finally decided to move to Europe and to apply for asylum. In February 2019, I arrived in Germany and applied for asylum.