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Martín Rodriguez

Martin Rodríguez, Kolumbien: Der Krieg in meinem Land traf auch meine Familie

Video auf dem YouTube Kanal Refuse to Kill (spanisch mit englischen Untertitel)

(16.05.2020) Ich bin Martín Rodriguez, ein Kriegsdienstverweigerer. Der wichtigste Grund für meine Kriegsdienstverweigerung war meine Beteiligung an Jugendgruppen in sehr jungem Alter. Leider hat der Krieg auch meine Familie getroffen. 1992 wurde mein Bruder Ismael getötet, 1994 mein Bruder Edwin.

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La Tulpa on video chat

La Tulpa, Colombia: The antimilitarist collective speaks about militarization and patriarchal society

Video on YouTube channel Refuse to Kill

(15.05.2020) We are the ‘Colectiva Antimilitarista La Tulpa’ and today we’re gonna told you some information about us. In 2012 was created this organization as a group interested on joining forces against fascism at our country. Step by step, this movement took us to understand antimilitarism and militarization as an structural part of the State and the patriarchal society at Colombia.

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There is no duty to go to the military

Colombia: Brayan Gonzales Blanco recruited irregularly by the army

(19.02.2020) On September 2, 2019 Brayan Gonzales Blanco was irregularly recruited by the Army to perform military service in Battalion No. 13 located in the municipality of Ubalá-Cundinamarca (Colombia). He has been incorporated for five months. In the first week of February, 2020 he began the process to define his military status as a conscientious objector and requested to be released. This has led to the military authorities within the battalion exerting psychological violence on him, putting his emotional well-being at risk.

Please send support letters to the Colombian authorities:

Presentation of the declaration

Colombia: Statement of Conscientious Objectors

(26.04.2019) On this International Conscientious Objection Day, we stand in solidarity with conscientious objectors in Colombia, who refuse to be conscripted and bear arms despite various obstacles they face.

Below you will find a statement by conscientious objectors in Colombia, giving a background of their struggle and urging their government to act on a number of issues. If you would like to know more about the situation of conscientious objectors in Colombia you can read a recent report by ACOOC and Justapaz here  (in Spanish), or download its summary (in English) here.