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Egypt: Imprisoned blogger Maikel Nabil Sanad to be re-tried, but not released

De-facto death sentence after 50 days of hunger strike

(11.10.2011) War Resisters’ International is extremely concerned about the life of imprisoned pacifist blogger Maikel Nabil Sanad. Although the military appeal court declared the initial sentence of three years’ imprisonment void, and ordered a re-trial of the blogger, who has been on hunger strike since 23 August, the court did not order his release pending re-trial. While today’s judgement looks positive on first view, it is a de-facto death sentence for pacifist blogger Maikel Nabil Sanad, as he might not survive long enough to see his re-trial, which could be in one week or even up to one month.

Egypt: Trial of hunger striking blogger delayed until 11 October

(04.10.2011) The Supreme Military Court of Appeals postponed on Tuesday the appeal of Maikel Nabil Sanad until 11 October. Sanad, a blogger sentenced to three years in prison for his online writings, is on the 43rd day of a hunger strike. A military trial sentenced Sanad on 10 April for writing blog posts critical the military and its performance during the 25 January uprising.

Appeal hearing for Egyptian pacifist and conscientious objector

Maikel Nabil Sanad – still on hunger strike – again limited thirst strike

(08.09.2011) The support group of Maikel Nabil Sanad informed that the military has now set the date for the appeal of Egyptian conscientious objector and critic of the military for 1 November 2011. However, War Resisters’ International, Connection e.V., and DFG-VK Hesse still demand the immediate and unconditional release, because the sentence is a grave violation of human rights.

In Cairo

International Day of Action: Freedom for Imprisoned Egyptian Pacifist Maikel Nabil Sanad


(02.09.2011) To the International Day of Action for imprisoned Egyptian conscientious objector and pacifist Maikel Nabil Sanad took place protest actions in Athens, Asyut, Barcelona, Cairo, Frankfurt/M., Helsinki, London and other places. In April 2011 Maikel Nabil Sanad was sentenced by an Egyptian military court to three years imprisonment, because he was one of the first to criticise the role of the military. In his blog he reported on ongoing human rights violations and the political influence of the Egyptian military during and after the revolution. On Tuesday, 23 August 2011, Maikel Nabil Sanad began a hunger strike in protest against his continued imprisonment, and delays in dealing with his appeal. With the actions was demanded his immediate release.