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Solidarity with Egyptian Conscientious Objectors Emad el Dafrawi and Mohamed Fathy

Statement of Peace and Human Rights Organizations

(10.11.2013) We, peace and human rights organizations, declare our support and solidarity with No to Compulsory Military Service movement and with Egyptian conscientious objectors, Emad el Dafrawi and Mohamed Fathy. We condemn the silence of Egypt’s authorities over conscientious objectors’ suffering. We call on the Egyptian authorities to restore their civil rights and to recognize their right to an exemption from the military service based on their conscientious beliefs.

Freedom to Conscientious Objectors in the Middle East

Joint Statement of No to Compulsory Military Service (Egypt) and New Profile (Israel)

(28.04.2013) Together, we in No to Compulsory Military Service (Egypt) and New Profile (Israel) confirm our support of peace and of conscientious objectors in both countries, re-affirming the human right to freedom of conscience, faith and self-determination. We condemn the way both our governments treat conscientious objectors: Natan Blank, Emad El Dafrawi, and Mohammed Fathy.

Egypt: Statement about the Conscientious Objection of Emad El Dafrawi and Mohamed Fathy

(25.07.2012) On the 20th of July, 2012, Mohamed Fathy Abdo Soliman – 23 years old – declared his conscientious objection to being a recruit in a compulsory military service, because it contradicts his beliefs and his believing in peace. He sent letters to the minister of defense, the president of the republic, the chief of the parliament and the chief of the shura council, asking for exclusion from military service and replacing it with a civilian service.

“I’m breaking taboos”

(21.04.2012) Just before the tour “Egyptian Spring – Between Revolution and Military Power” in Germany in May 2012 we interviewed Maikel Nabil Sanad, one of the speakers.