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Mediterranean Conference on Conscientious Objection in Cyprus


(10.02.2014) The first ever Mediterranean Conference on Conscientious Objection took place in Cyprus from 31 January to 3 February 2014. Over 30 activists from Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Palestine, Egypt and Turkey were able to particpate. The group was complemented with other guests from Germany, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. Rudi Friedrich reports.

Open Letter of Association of Greek Conscientious Objectors

Revengeful Prosecution of the Military against Conscientious Objectors

(01.07.2013) The current year is one of the worst periods in the history of the Conscientious Objection in Greece, concerning the prosecutions the objectors face. The revengeful prosecutions of the military have turned to aimed arrests and sentences in order to eliminate the objectors personally and financially. Six trials and over ten arrests of ideological objectors who had never concealed their personal data (place of living etc), are the proof that recruit offices reacted immediately and aggressively against the growing trend of conscientious objectors.

Greece: Report from trial of conscientious objector Nikos Karanikas

(11.03.2013) Nikos Karanikas is a very active and well known person. Many people came to attend his trial on 8 March, something that always presses the members of the court. It is maybe the first time that the president of the court allowed all the witnesses (10) to testify in Nikos’ defence: normally, the courts do not accept more than 4-5.

Greece: New trial for 44 year-old conscientious objector by military court

(06.03.2013) Amnesty International, the European Bureau for Conscientious Objection and War Resisters’ International condemn the new prosecution of 44-year-old Nikolaos Karanikas, conscientious objector on ideological grounds. Three years after their previous joint public statement, the three international organisations are asking again that the greek authorities comply with the European and international standards and recommendations, and to end immediately all the prosecutions, prison sentences, administrative fines (of 6,000 Euros) and discriminations against conscientious objectors, whatever their motivation.