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"They were furious": the Russian soldiers refusing to fight in Ukraine

(12.05.2022) Troops are saying no to officers, knowing that punishment is light while Russia is not technically at war.

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Action October 31, 2020.

Conscientious objectors: An unconvenient truth for Israel

(14.09.2021) Considering Israel’s never-ending involvement in war and conflict, it is not surprising that the phenomenon of conscientious objection has taken root there, and that the number of adherents has grown as the country has become more involved in “wars of choice” and oppressive occupation, rather than wars of self-defense.

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Military parade in Turkey, © Timo Vogt

Turkey: My experiences in the barracks

(15.05.2021) The history of conscription is a history of militarisation. It is a breathtaking story. And conscription is still effective today in countries like Turkey.

I was to be forced to comply with military orders. When I refused, I was beaten and insulted. I was arrested four times and released each time. Each time after release I was transferred to the barracks again. In total, I spent 18 months in the military prison.

Défilé militaire en Turquie, © Timo Vogt

Turquie: Mes expériences des caserne

(15.05.2021) L’histoire de la conscription est celle de la militarisation. Elle coupe le souffle. La conscription reste en vigueur aujourd’hui dans des pays comme la Turquie.

J’ai été forcé de me conformer aux ordres militaires. Quand j’ai refusé, j’ai été battu et insulté. J’ai été arrêté quatre fois et libéré à chaque fois. Chaque fois, j’ai été transféré à nouveau à la caserne après la libération. J’ai passé 18 mois au total, en prison militaire.