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Russia: Activists developed an online resource on alternative service

(14.12.2016) Activists in Russia launched a website informing young men about alternative service, how to apply for it and their rights when performing. In addition to presenting information on procedures, the website also includes stories by other young men who chose to perform alternative civilian service, and encourages more to choose this option.

Russia: One-Year Conscription Has not Stopped Dedovshchina

(01.03.2010) Introduced in 2008, the one-year draft was intended to reduce conflict between conscripts from different draft campaigns. The ‘dedy’ or ‘grandfathers’ about to demobilize would often abuse, haze, or otherwise mistreat brand-new inductees. On Thursday, SibVO Commander, General-Lieutenant Vladimir Chirkin told reporters: “The military expected a dramatic decrease in this type of offenses, but, regrettably, hazing remains an acute problem."

Russia: Activists in St. Petersburg Say Men Being Forced into Army

(22.12.2009) Rights activists in St. Petersburg say there have been numerous rights violations during the Russian Army’s recruitment process this year. A representative of the organization Soldiers’ Mothers of St. Petersburg told Radio Free Europe that they have received a large number of phone calls from people complaining that local military recruitment offices "are literally hunting for young men on the streets, in supermarkets, and the subway to forcibly enlist them into the army."