South Korea 

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South Korea: Conscientious objector Jihwan Ahn sentenced to 18 months imprisonment

(22.02.2011) War Resisters’ International received information that South Korean conscientious objector and anarchist Jihwan Ahn was sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment for conscientious objection on 17 February. He was arrested in court and transferred to prison.

South Korea: Mandatory Military Service Frozen at 21 Months

(22.12.2010) The Defense Ministry on Tuesday decided to freeze mandatory military service for the Army and Marine Corps at the current 21 months effective from Feb. 27 next year. The term for the Navy, marine police, and firefighters on active duty will be 23 months, and for the Air Force 24 months effective from early January next year. The step put the brakes on a gradual reduction of conscription from 24 months to 18 months for the Army, 20 months for the Navy and 21 months for the Air Force, which was announced in September 2007.

"The CO movement has changed me"

Presentation of a South Korean activist

(01.11.2008) The movement for the recognition of conscientious objectors’ human rights in Korea started in the end of 2000. With raised social awareness about conscientious objection, some people began considering objecting to their military service. In December 2001, Taeyang Oh, a peace activist and a Buddhist, declared his objection to military service and this also inspired other young men who were also thinking about peace and conscientious objection.