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Britain: War resister Joe Glenton arrested for speaking out in public

(11.11.2009) War Resisters’ International learned today that Lance Corporal Joe Glenton, who already faces charges of desertion for refusing to return to Afghanistan, has been arrested and charged with five counts of "disobeying a lawful order" for speaking at an anti-war demonstration in London on 24 October 2009, and for expressing his opposition to the war in Afghanistan to the media. War Resisters’ International calls for letters of support to Joe Glenton and for letters of protest to the British authorities.

Newsletter "CO in War", September 2009


(05.09.2009) Here you can find English articles of the German edition of newsletter "CO in War" September 2009. It includes information about antimilitaristic work, recruitment, conscientious objection and asylum to USA, Germany, Great Britain, Eritrea, Angola and Honduras.

"I implore you, Sir, to bring our soldiers home"

Letter of Joe Glenton to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown

Dear Mr Brown, I am writing to you as a serving soldier in the British Army to express my views and concerns on the current conflict in Afghanistan. It is my primary concern that the courage and tenacity of my fellow soldiers has become a tool of American foreign policy. I believe this unethical short-changing of such proud men and women has caused immeasurable suffering not only to families of British service personnel who have been killed and injured, but also to the noble people of Afghanistan.

Winter Soldier Hearing: All reports of testifiers

Videos and Audios

(17.03.2009) Hearing Winter Soldier was held in Freiburg Mach 14, 2009. Here you find a list of all testimony, which are available as video or audio.