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Eritrean organizations call for an international day of action: Stop the War in the Horn of Africa!

Protest against war and forced recruitment, December 10

(07.12.2020) We condemn any involvement of the Eritrean regime in the civil war in Ethiopia. The Isayas Afewerki regime has been known since 1991 to instigate conflicts with neighbouring countries Sudan, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Yemen with war. Isayas Afewerki for this purpose uses an army, which is deployed for the aims of the regime through unlimited military service for men and women. There are clear indications that Eritrea is already carrying out extensive mobilization, including raids, in order to forcefully recruit more. The war poses great dangers for the entire region, for the people living there and the refugees seeking protection there.

Stop the war in the Horn of Africa! No participation of Eritrea in this war!

Stop forced recruitment into war! Protect and supply the refugees! Stop suffering!

We call on Eritrean groups and organizations as well as supporters all over the world to carry out actions in their towns on December 10, 2020, the International Day of Human Rights.

Eritrean Armed Forces Fighting Inside Tigray

(24.11.2020) Human Rights Concern-Eritrea (HRCE) has received credible evidence that the Eritrean Armed forces including conscripts, have been sent to the Tigray region of Ethiopia and are engaged in heavy fighting with the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Forces (TPLF), alongside the Ethiopian armed forces.

We unreservedly condemn the aggressive intervention of Eritrean armed forces in Tigray, a province in an independent nation. There can be no justification for this unwarranted interference, and the resultant and unnecessary deaths of soldiers on both sides. We call upon Eritrea to withdraw its forces from Tigray immediately.

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Urgent Appeal to Stop War in the Horn of Africa

(17.11.2020) We, members of the Eritrean Research Institute for Policy and Strategy, (ERIPS), are a group of Eritrean professionals and Intellectuals in the Diaspora.  We are organized on the basis of our specific fields of expertise and our cardinal aim is to engage in research that could guide and serve peace loving Eritreans in the process of transition towards democratic governance and institution building.

armenisches Militär, Foto Timo Vogt

Ermenistan-Azerbaycan Savaşında Türkiye

(11.10.2020) Dün, 2 haftalık savaşın sonunda Ermenistan ve Azerbaycan arasında ateşkes anlaşması sağlandı fakat gelen ilk haberlere göre anlaşmaya uyulmadı. İki eski sovyet ülkesi, on yıllardır çoğu Azerbaycan tarafında olan ve nüfusu Ermeni ağırlıklı olan Dağlık Karabağ bölgesi yüzünden anlaşmazlık yaşıyor. 6 Ekim 2020 tarihli bahsi geçen bu yazıda, Türkiye´den gelen vicdanı retçi Beran Mehmet İşçi tarafından Türkiye´nin bu savaştaki rolü anlatılmıştır. (d. Red.)