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Interview with the Israelian conscientious objector Haggai Matar

„Die Angriffe auf den Gazastreifen bringen nichts als Tod und Zerstörung“

Uploaded 17.10.2023

(10.10.2023) Israel has mobilized some 300,000 army reservists as it ramps up its war on Gaza following a devastating surprise attack by Hamas militants on Saturday that killed hundreds inside Israel, including many civilians. Journalist Haggai Matar of +972 Magazine says that while the violence shocked Israelis, the unending military occupation and apartheid set the stage for this weekend’s events. “There is no military solution. These recurring attacks on Gaza bring nothing but death and destruction, and no hope for any of us,” says Matar, a conscientious objector who refused service in the Israel.

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Is history repeating itself?

Israelis, Palestinians, Gaza, Hamas - trying to preserve sanity

Uploaded 10.10.2023

(09.10.2023) 1973 und 2023 - The similarity between the two situations - fifty years ago and now - is not reduced to the strategic surprise that the State of Israel received. There is a great similarity between the background in the years preceding the 1973 war and the background in the last years preceding today’s outbreak.Is history repeating itself?

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Country report: Belarus

Military Service and the Militarization of Society

Uploaded 06.10.2023

(08.10.2023) In Belarus, military service is compulsory for all citizens assigned male at birth between the ages of 18 and 27. The right to conscientious objection has existed since 1994, but it does not apply to those who have already completed their military service, nor to reservists or soldiers.

Action in Frankfurt, Germany

Country report: Russia

Military Service and Conscientious Objection

Uploaded 06.10.2023

(08.10.2023) Military service is compulsory for citizens assigned male at birth in Russia. Since the war in Ukraine, the relevant military laws have been amended several times. In the Russian Federation, the right to conscientious objection exists, so any person can theoretically apply for conscientious objection. However, an application for conscientious objection is only possible until conscription; there is no right to conscientious objection for reservists and former soldiers. An amendment to the military law has made it possible to use alternative service conscripts in the military, too.